Thursday, March 30, 2006

The goal:

Infiltrate the world with poetry, guerrilla-style

How it works:

1) You create a flyer with poems in each of the four quadrants of a sheet of paper, like this:

You choose the poems, but they should be short enough to fit on a quarter sheet. Then, where it says, "instructions paragraph," make sure to include this information:

If you find this poem: Place it and three other poems of your choosing on a piece of paper. Make copies, cut the paper into quarter-sheets like this one, and then place the poems in unexpected places. Use sticker paper if you’re bold. Don’t forget to include these instructions along with every poem so the chain can continue. April is National Poetry Month. Visit for more information.

2) Perhaps you found a quarter sheet and are wondering what to do next? Take the poem that you found and use it as "poem 1." Then, choose three more poems to include, include them in slots 2, 3, and 4, make copies, cut them into quarter sheets, and start putting them in unexpected places. It's like a chain letter for poetry!

Where should you put the quarter sheets?

Anywhere that they are unexpected yet visible. Try bathroom stalls, menus, plastic drink-special holders, bus stops, bestseller displays at bookstores, grocery store aisles, coworkers' mailboxes, church pews, or windshield wipers.

Email your field reports, questions, and comments to guerrillapoetry at gmail dot com.

Good luck, have fun, & Happy Poetry Month!